Gringo 5.5/10

“A very slow burner…”

Approached this film with an attitude of knowing it wouldn’t be a classic but hoping for a few cheap laughs along the way…it took 32 minutes to even raise a chuckle! The second half of the film was a bit more interesting but it took so long to get going that I honestly wouldn’t have blamed folk for walking out.

I’ve seen this billed as a comedy-crime caper…wow. Whoever wrote that was evidently experimenting with some of produce because there was little comedy and to be honest, other than a wee shooting here and there, there wasn’t a great deal in the way of crime either!

The trailer had us believing that main character Harold was kidnapped in Mexico by a cartel. Now kudos to the producers of the trailer because for once it actually didn’t work out as the trailer suggested! He doesn’t get kidnapped, he pretends he does and then it all gets a bit weary as he then does ACTUALLY get kidnapped.

I think I was just left really disappointed as I stupidly thought there might be a wee comedy gem hidden here but alas it just wasn’t really up to anything. As I’ve touched on it kinda gets going in the second hour or so as we see a little action and secrets start to unravel but I’m afraid it was a case of far too little far too late.

No complaints about the cinema and had a lovely wee sandwich out of the Sainsbury’s which did the trick. This film was a disappointment however and I wouldn’t be recommending it to anyone.

Date: Sunday 11th March 2018

Cinema: Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street

Screen: 1

Time: 14:45


  • Film 5.5
  • Cinema 10
  • Food 8

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